Safest Shopping Centre’s on the Coast

Safest Shopping Centre’s on the Coast



Coffs Central Coffs Harbour, Port Central Port Macquarie, Kempsey Central and Moonee Marketplace can claim to be some of the safest shopping Centres around the Pacific Coast with the installation of Defibrillators in each Centre.

Known as AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator) will allow for immediate treatment for life threatening situations requiring resuscitation. All staff have been trained in the use of the Defibrillators and with the machines located in central locations, minimum time is wasted accessing the device for use while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Managing Director of Pacific Coast Shopping Centre’s, John Gowing, said “He is very proud to be able to offer such a valuable asset to the shopper experience in our Centre’s in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey & Moonee”.

“If just one life is saved by the installation of these units in each of our 4 Shopping Centre’s along the Pacific Coast, then the expense has been worth it” stated Mr Gowing. Being located in the CBD of each town also means that not only shoppers in our Centre’s, but the wider city Centre area will benefit.

Added to the AED’s are the very convenient Concierge Desk in both Coffs Central and Port Central, shoppers can now enjoy the best of city standards in relaxed regional shopping.

Port Central has recently opened their specially built desk, created by Keena Kitchens of Port Macquarie to our specific plans. This follows on from the Coffs Central desk opened up over 12 months ago.

Both Centre’s can now offer advice and information on a wide range of activities, information on our retail outlets and are also booking agents for local and major events.

Shoppers now have everything at their fingertips from information to life saving systems.