Kinetic Martial Arts

Kinetic Martial Arts

I’m Too Busy But I Did It Anyway

That was the way I viewed my life sometimes. Too busy to exercise, too busy to chase a childhood dream and earn my black belt. I mean how do I; a dad, a business owner & an avid although average fisherman find time to learn martial arts. But after booking my oldest daughter into classes to learn Taekwondo and sitting in the seats watching her I couldn’t stop the dream from growing. The dream of having a blackbelt and knowing I had done something that very few would do.

Everyone starts martial arts for a different reason. For some its about flexibility, others its about strength, speed, control, personal development, fitness, a goal like me or something else. We are all different and unique and it’s those differences and uniqueness that we bring to martial arts and helps a person develop something of their own. Some are great at kicks, others strikes and others still self defence.

At Kinetic Martial Arts Moonee Beach it’s about helping people take their strengths and develop them. Kids learning self control and discipline and adults realising they can do more than they thought and that they are not too old.

It’s fun to learn and train here. Yeah it’s serious as well. We mix the two together. At the end of the class you will know you have trained.

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