New Hair Salon Now Open

New Hair Salon Now Open

Luxurious, Bellingen-born Outpost Hair have opened their second salon at Moonee Market

Luxurious Bellingen-born hair salon, Outpost Hair, have opened their second salon at Moonee Market. With a team of highly skilled and trained stylists, Outpost Hair offer the latest in cutting and colouring trends whilst also leaving hair in the best of health with AVEDA natural products.

Outpost stylists strive for harmony of beauty and wellness in their work and for their guests. During your time at the salon you will be nurtured with sensory rituals including complimentary head and hand massages with AVEDA products.

“At Outpost we create more than just beautiful hair in a luxurious salon environment. We invite you to experience our precision cutting, luminous colouring and fashion-inspired styling techniques.” – Hannah Lynch, Owner

As a premium salon, they offer different entry levels to their services with tiered pricing for Master, Senior and Emerging stylists. They’re also open on Saturdays and late on Thursdays to make booking an appointment easy.

Visit them at Moonee Market (next to Sugarmill) or call 02 5606 3269 to find out more information and to make an appointment.


AVEDA hair colour is used exclusively at Outpost Hair. The art and science of pure flower and plant essences is the core of AVEDA colour. Their products are alive with the life force of plants and contain pure essential oils, deriving benefit from natures beauty.